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World's Only Revenue Sharing Jobsite

Revenue Sharing Jobsite


Whats better than posting a job for free?  Earning revenues from the job you posted for free!    

We strongly believe that the success of Alwaysajob.com is because of YOU  the user. So instead of punishing you for using our site (charging $75 - $450 per job post), we reward you!

Yes, this is a completely different business model than any major job board - and we like it that way!  A fully functional, online jobsite that allows employers to earn money from the jobs they post and company profile they create.  Instead of spending money, you can earn money!

How it works:

Alwaysajob.com offers free Company Profiles and Free online Job posts; to offset costs, we allow advertising throughout the site utilizing Google Adsense Google Adsense is the contextual advertising network that supplies relevant and targeted ads based on the content of the webpage.   Revenue is earned when a site visitor clicks an ad they are interested in.

What makes Alwaysajob.com different than any other jobsite, is that we allow you to keep a poriton of the revenue earned on the pages and posts you create - thus rewarding you for using our site!   Its very simple to start earning, all you need is a google adsense publisher ID supplied to you by google  Sign up for Google Adsense Here.


Once you have your Google Adsense ID, simply insert that ID into the appropriate box at the bottom of the "My Profile" page.  Next, simply ad the slot # (given to you by adsense) and you are done!  Alwaysajob.com will randomly substitute our Google ID, with yours 50% of the time in the two (2) ad slots on the job position you created as well as your company profile page!

Now, each time a site visitor reads the job post you created, or reads about your company, they are presented with relevant advertisements delivered by Google.  Better yet, 50% of the time, those ads are yours, and if clicked, the earnings go to you! (Adsense memberes MUST comply with the Google Adsense Program Policies and CAN NOT click their own ads).

Common Questions:

How do I get a Google Adsense Publisher ID?

My company website will not allow Adsense to be placed on it, can I still get an Pub ID?

Where do I place my ID on Alwaysajob.com?

What is a slot # and how do I set up an ad in google adsense?

How much will I earn from these ads?

How do I know if my ad is being shown or that I used the right ID?

My Adsense account shows zero impressions, why is that?

My Google Adsense account got banned, why?



How do I get a Google Adsense Publisher ID? Simple, use the links above to sign up for a google adsense account.  You may have to wait a little while for approval as there are many people signing up for accounts daily and each request is reviewed!  Do not use your company's website if you are not the owner of it,  instead, use google's advice and set up a free blog.

My company website will not allow Adsense to be placed on it, can I still get an Pub ID?  Yes. Not surprising,  most companies do not want their competition to display ads on their website and therefore say no to adsense.  Thankfully, Adsense allows you to set up a free blog and use that website address to enter into the form.  Follow the instructions given by google here: Do I have to own a website to use AdSense?


Where do I place my ID on Alwaysajob.com?  Once you have logged into your account using the sign in area,  go to   my profile.  At the bottom of the page you will see:

 Insert your ID number here (numbers only)

Insert the ID number for the side (160 x 600) ad

Insert the ID number for the bottom (728 x 90) ad



What is a slot # and how do I set up an ad in google adsense?  This will only take a few minutes.  Once you are signed into Adsense, google gives you a number of different styles and sizes to choose from.  Select My Ads, then Content on the left hand side, click "new ad unit" at the top, then select 160 x 600  skyscrapper ad "recommended".  You can leave everything else as default, and press "save and get code" at the bottom.

Repeat and do the same for the 728 x 90 Leaderboard.  If you wish to customize colors and borders, you can, but it is not needed.  Once both ad types are set up, click "my ads"  and you will see both of your ads listed.  The Slot # is the ID # (usually 10 digits).  DONE!



How much will I earn from these ads?  There is no way to determine how much you can possibly earn as each ad Google displays pays a different amount.  You probably won't be able to retire tomorrow using adsense, but over time revenues ad up and Google will pay you once your account balance meets the minimum amount to issue payment ($100 currently). 

Ways to increase your revenue:  There are many ways to increase your revenue, and all of them involve bringing visitors to your page.  More visitors = more ads shown = more likelyhood of clicks! 

1.  Link the job postings on your company website to the our Alwaysajob.com company profile, or to the individual job postings.  This way, our site looks after all the resume submissions, screening questionaires etc, while increasing the number of ad impressions (number of times your ad is displayed to a visitor)

2. Post links to your alwaysajob.com pages in forums, chatboards, classifieds and any other site that will direct people to your page.  This is a GREAT way to get free exposure to your business, while increasing the number of ad impressions.  There are tens of thousands of sites to post to, all of which can potentially make you money!

3.  Use social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, digg, stumpleupon etc) to promote your company profile page and job postings!  

Do not violate any Adsense program policies, or you will lose all money earned and be banned for life.


How do I know if my ad is being shown or that I used the right ID?  If you set up your ID and Slot number correctly, you will see ad impressions and hopefully clicks in your Adsense Account.  Wait at least 24hours after you set up your ID with Alwaysajob.com to check your stats.  If you enter incorrect information the Ad spot on the page will either show an error page, or will default to the website's ID number.  If you choose different colors, you will see these appear.

My Adsense account shows zero impressions, why is that? There may be a few reasons for this.  1, the ID number you gave are incorrect and the ads are not showing up. Check these to ensure they are accurate. 2. You may have to add www.alwaysajob.com to your approved sites list in your google adsense account.  3.  No one has viewed a page displaying your adsense yet.  The adsense IDs are shown randomly 50/50. 

My Google Adsense account got banned, why? You have somehow violated Google's Adsense Program Policies.  Alwaysajob.com has no control over the ads shown, approvals, or termination of your Adsense Account and can not be held in any way liable. Terms of Use

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