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Recruitment Agency Solutions

Deliver Results.   Deliver Profits.

Your clients demand the best candidates to fill their vacant positions.  Now You have to deliver.  Job Agent from AlwaysAJob.com does exactly that - delivers qualified resumes to your vacant positions by sourcing over 600 partner job sites and over 10 Million active candidates. 


   Reach millions of active job seekers

   Automatic applicant screening eliminates the unqualified resumes

   Brand your company across the internet

   Quickly meet the demands of clients

   Establish your company as a leading recruiter






Deliver results for your client while maximizing profitability.  Using  Job Agent from AlwaysAJob.com allows you full control of your budget while offering extremely affordable rates.  Save thousands of dollars with Job Agent.


   Job positions are posted for Free across hundreds of leading job sites advertising your company brand

   Only pay for the qualified pre-screened applicants you receive

   You control screening questions

   You control the quantity and price of resumes you wish to receive

   Save time and money by eliminating spam and unqualified applicants automatically



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Wait... I have a few questions:
Are other Recruitment Agencies using this technology?   Yes.  This breakthrough technology has given your competition a substantial advantage in the recruitment industry.  Major recruiting firms can be found advertising job positions using this technology here
How does this job post differ from a Premium Job Post on your site?  Premium Job Posts cost $25 and result in the job ad being placed at the top of the selected category and highlighted in yellow to attract the attention of applicants.  Pay Per Application results in a regular ad being placed on our site as well as partner sites and you only pay for the number of qualified applicants you want.
How does this technology differ from Resume purchasing tools I've seen? This is NOT a resume purchasing tool like you may have seen on other sites - it is a LIVE application screening tool that results is qualified resumes.  Resume purchasing matches your criteria to keywords in a database of resumes.  Unfortunately, that database is accumulated over time and many of the resumes on file are no longer actively looking for jobs.  In short, you just purchased a number of resumes that may not be looking for jobs and may not meet your specific criteria.  All applications you receive from our Pay Per Application program are active, qualified resumes! 
 What are the Costs Per Application?  The cost per resume is determined by the salary and the number/complexity of the  screening questions.  All resumes start at $3.50.  As you add more questions, or very specific questions (questions that eliminate many applicants), you will see the price increase.  In this way, you can control the costs by adding/subtracting screening questions. (Screenshot Below)
Can I Clone jobs, or post multiple jobs?  You may post as many jobs as you like using this feature.  Unfortunately, the "clone job" feature does not apply to Pay Per Application job postings.  Each job must be submitted individually.
How many applications can I request?  By default, the program selects ten (10) job applications.  However, you can choose any number from 1 to 999!  It all depends on how many qualified applicants you want.
Will I receive all the applications I order?  Your job ad is listed FREE for 28 days and applications are made during that time.  In most cases, the applicant order amount is fulfilled.  However, if you request a high number of applicants, and/or have many screening questions, the harder it will be to fulfill your request in 28 days.  Remember, you ONLY pay for the applications you receive.  In the event that you do not receive the requested amount,  you can click on your "Application Basket" to see resumes that did not meet "all" of your criteria.  You can then de-select criteria that may not be as important to you and select those newly matching resumes at a Lower Price! 
What screening questions can I ask?  Our Pay Per Application program includes a number of legal questions that you may choose from.  These questions have been designed to best manage the program and provide legally acceptable screening questions.  However, if these questions do not meet your needs, there are 3 "free form" questions that you may fill in the blank to better screen skills and experience. (Screenshot Below)
Can I use my own questions in the screening? Yes, if the questions in our system do not meet your needs, there are 3 "free form" questions that you may fill in the blank to better screen skills and experience.
How do I pay for the applications I want?  Our payments are handled securely by Paypal.  You are charged/billed weekly for the number of qualified applicants you receive.  You are only charged for the applications you receive, not the entire order amount.
Can I cancel my order and job ad?  Yes. When you click Pay Per Application (after logging in),  you are presented with a "dashboard" or options.  Click on your job listing and cancel.  You will be charged for any applications already received, but no further applications will be delivered and invoiced. 
How do I access the qualified applications I ordered?  All applications are stored on AlwaysAjob.com.  Log in to your account to view.
Partner Sites?  Where will my ad be displayed?   AlwaysAJob.com has teamed up with 100's of other job boards across Canada and the United States to distribute your job to active job seekers.  We will distribute our Pay Per Application job posting branded as one of their regular postings at NO CHARGE to you!  You do not need to post your job on multiple sites and pay many times over, we've got it covered.  This network allows us to fulfill your applicant request.  Only those applicants that meet your qualifications will be billed to you.
 How long does my job ad last?   Your Free job ad will remain active for 28 days.  When the ad is about to expire, you will be notified.
Am I notified when my job is active, expiring, or received applicants?  Yes.  You will be notified when you have reach the requested number of applicants and notified prior to your ad expiring (if not already fulfilled).

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